Tank And Vessel Cleaning

KURUS NIG LTD’s primary objective of tank cleaning is to maintain and sanitize equipment at appropriate levels, thus sustaining the integrity of the product.

Each tank cleaning application is Unique-  Automated and Manual (Confined Space Entry).

Precisely, periodic tank cleaning methods can result  in dramatic increases in production uptime, as Process improvement and cost reduction are key motivators for any Facility.

Heat Exchanger cleaning

When performed correctly, heat exchanger cleaning will improve performance and save money.

Some of our the cleaning methodologies include:

  • Ultra-high pressure water jetting  This should be one of the first choices for every heat exchanger cleaning program because it is effective and environmentally friendly.
  •  Advance Cleaning Technology   External shell side cleaning is approached as a two-stage process.
  • The external shell side cleaning of using its advanced ShellJeTT™ cleaning technology which has benefited clients across a number of industry sectors.
  • Also the unique BladeSpec™ inspection system which is one of the slimmest inspection cameras in the world.
  •  Tube Scrapers / Bullets The darTT™  system uses metal scraper bullets which are propelled down the tubes using high volume water, removing the offending deposits on their way.
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Specialist Cleaning
  • Remote Cleaning