We provide On-Site cold cutting and beveling of pipes and tubing  to clients requirement and specification .

Our engineers and technicians will provide Internal Diameter boring, Flange facing outer diameter preparation.

Our Machine Shop is tailored to carry out every scope with precise and excellent finishing.

With technical support from our OEM partners, we are strategically positioned to  attend to every machining request to include:

  • Cold cutting and beveling of spools and pipes
  • Hub Flange machining(Galperti, Grayloc, Techlok)
  • Pipe Cut and End Prep
  • Flange Facing
  • Milling and Keyway Cutting
  • Portable Thread Milling
  • Drilling Trepanning, Boring and Reaming
  • Journal Turning, Shaft Turning Repair and Tire Grinding
  • Hot and Cold Tapping