We provides controlled pressurization and monitoring for  testing on pipelines and pressured vessels to determine and verify its integrity, function and sealing effect.

There is a dedicated test bay for the shop testing and a wide range of equipment spread to carter for the onsite testing scope.

Before the pressure is raised in any test section, KURUS shall satisfy end user that all safety precautions have been implemented, this will be sufficient for the duration of the test.

We have in place a robust work methodology that will be deployed to the implementation of any pressure testing of vessels,

Pipework or related plant or equipment, specifically developed on the project, this shall apply on all pressure testing in which gas, air or water is used as test medium.

Our test engineer will develop the test pack as per client consideration,  following the implementation of process safety.

Please proceed to the gallery  to see media of completed project of which usan project testing is the most recent.