Our operatives are trained to the highest standards through the recognized governing body The Water Jetting Association (WJA).

Some of our the cleaning methodologies include:

¾ Ultra-high pressure water jetting  This is usually clients first choices for every heat exchanger cleaning program because it is effective and environmentally friendly.
¾ Advance Cleaning Technology External shell side cleaning is approached as a two-stage process.
¾The external shell side cleaning of using its advanced ShellJeTT™ cleaning technology which has benefited clients across a number of industry sectors.
¾Also the unique BladeSpec™ inspection system which is one of the slimmest inspection cameras in the world.
Tube Scrapers / Bullets The darTT™  system uses metal scraper bullets which are propelled down the tubes using high volume water, removing the offending deposits on their way.
Chemical Cleaning
Specialist Cleaning
Remote Cleaning