• Bolt Torque – integrated solutions that gives complete control of mechanical properties of the stud and Nut, over the tightening condition using calibrated power tools ie Wrenches and Pumps
  • Bolt Tensioning  –   Bolt tightening action of elongation of a Stud that provides the clamping force of a joint through the uniform Load   of  Tensioners linked together for simultaneous operation.

This tool is  a control system designed as an assembly aide while collecting critical, hydraulic bolting data.• The wireless control device will lead the operator through each bolt to the correct torque in sequence and store the data real time to the cloud.

….. It

›    Simplify torque and pressure calculation accurately

›    Assist in proper tool selection

›    Assist in bolt pattern tracking

›    Wirelessly capture torque and pressure readings for each bolt

›    Immediately identifies out of spec values

› Capture job related traceability  data for future reference

› Push collected data to computer server for reporting job results, progress and current status¾ An additional feature includes a high-resolution

camera for recording images  of the bolting operation.


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